Chakra – Esoteric Yoga

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The book is both a foundation in classical yoga and tantric meditation and an introduction to deeper, esoteric yoga. It is a guide to exploring the chakras by using the powerful tools of classical yoga. The book is structured so that even beginners can enjoy it. You start by getting to know your body, breath, and mind through simple relaxation, good meditation poses, undemanding yoga exercises for the back, basic breathing techniques, and meditations. The techniques of the yoga tradition are best learned by following oral instruction. Through the book, you will find QR codes for some of the techniques with links to video and audio files. There are over seven hours of instructions that make learning easier and provide greater benefits from the techniques. If you buy the book for resale, a 40% discount is automatically deducted when buying a minimum of 10 books.

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Introduction to the book Chakra – Esoteric Yoga

What is yoga and where does it come from? The origins of classical yoga are discussed and Pantajali’s eight steps with indirect and direct techniques are introduced. What are Tantra and Chakras – and do the chakras exist? How to work with the chakras and what is the relationship between consciousness and energy?

Throughout the book I have used the term, awakening or awakening, e.g. ‘Awakening the Spine’, ‘Awakening the Sushumna’ or ‘Awakening the Chakras’. By awakening I mean waking up to, gaining more contact with, becoming more aware of, or bringing more life into. In other words, an awakening of, for example, a chakra does not entail any pre-defined conditions or abilities.

Asana – Yoga Poses

The meditation poses in yoga are introduced together with two basic meditations: Body Awareness and Breath Awareness.

Pranayama – Yoga Breath

Pranayama are techniques in yoga through which you expand your contact with the prana dimension – the psychic energy and its expression. Little by little, you become more aware of the interplay between energy, body, mind, and consciousness. In everyday life, your states and emotions are reflected in your breath. By training the ability to breathe slowly and deeply, holding your breath effortlessly for a long time, and breathing fast and easy, you can turn this around so that you can consciously change states and feelings in your body and mind. How to overcome inner resistance in connection with breathing techniques is discussed. You are introduced to two basic breathing techniques: Wave Breath and Alternate Breathing.

Localization of the Chakras

The chakras are located in the spine or just below or above the spine. The chakras are centers of consciousness and energy, not physical points in the body. Illustrations and text show the location of the chakras and the corresponding contact areas. How to concentrate on the chakras during meditation and in yoga poses? Instructions in two chakra meditations.

Awakening the Spine

You learn a number of dynamic yoga poses such as Sun, I Greet You, triangle poses, and more. Sequences, positions, and exercises that make the spine more flexible and prepare the body and mind for the more meditative poses and exercises related to the different chakras.

Awakening the Sushumna

Sushumna, the central energy flow, is awakened when there is a balance between Ida and Pingala – between body and mind, intellect and intuition, body and emotions. To achieve such a balance, Ida and Pingala can be cleansed, which is done, among other things, by doing Intestinal Cleansing and practicing the breathing technique Nadi Shodana, Alternate Breathing.

Awakening the Chakras

Through the next chapters, you will work with the individual chakras in turn. You start with the Agya chakra, ‘The third eye’, and not, as you might think, with the Mooladhara chakra, the ‘Root chakra’ at the base of the body. The yoga tradition recommends this. You start with the Agya chakra because a partial awakening of this chakra means that the natural ability to concentrate is built up, the overview is sharpened and the identity of your deeper self is strengthened. This provides a good starting point for working with the other chakras, a work that involves greater contact with all aspects of yourself.

For each chakra, you will find instruction in relevant yoga poses, breathing techniques, other energizing techniques, and meditation techniques. In addition, you will get an overview of location, characteristics, symbols, and more for each of the chakras: Agya chakra, Mooladhara chakra, Swadisthana chakra, Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra, Vishuddhi chakra, Bindu Visarga, and Sahasrara chakra.

Integrated Techniques

How to make the energy flow where it is stopped? Different strategies are discussed and suggestions are given on how to continue the work of awakening the chakras, energy, and attention.

Awakening the Kundalini

What is Kundalini and how is it awakened? Symbolism, location, the awakening of the Kundalini power, stabilization, and roadblocks are discussed.

Practical Yoga Programs

Throughout the book, you get suggestions for different yoga programs of varying lengths, from half an hour and up to two hours. There are yoga programs related to training sitting positions, yoga programs that make the body stronger and more flexible, yoga programs for awakening the individual chakras, and yoga programs that integrate awakening of the chakras and provide a more free flow of energy.


Last in the book is a bibliography with recommended literature for further in-depth study.


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